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[In-Person] Aerospace Networking Event

The ACCJ Chubu chapter will hold a networking event at the Hilton Nagoya on the first day of the Aeromart Nagoya exhibition. Aerospace executives from the United States and other countries will visit Japan for this three-day industry event, and the ACCJ would like to take this opportunity to introduce our members to companies in Japan who participate in the aerospace supply chain, both commercial and military.

Please join us to hear about the activities of leading US-based companies and join a networking reception attended by senior-level representatives from aircraft engine manufacturers, defense contractors, and related companies.

Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Time: 17:30–19:30

Venue: Hilton Nagoya

Speakers: Steve Rose, director for business strategy and development, Northrop Grumman;

Kenneth Magness, senior manager, supply chain Asia operations–Japan/Korea, Boeing

Hosting Committee: Chubu Aerospace and Manufacturing

Non-Member Attendance Fee: ¥7,000

Meal: Light buffet and drinks

Registration/Cancellation Deadline: Friday, September 22 (18:00)


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