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Kentucky Weekly Aerospace Update

Aerospace Day is around the corner and we are giving members the first opportunity to sign up as an exhibitor. There are only 32 spots available and many of them have already been claimed. Fill out the attached form if you are interested in exhibiting.

Additionally during Aerospace Day we will be hosting US Commercial Services and their Access Asia initiative. U.S. Foreign Service diplomats posted at embassies in India, Indonesia and South Korea have identified substantive export opportunities for aerospace and advanced manufactured products. They will visit Kentucky February 26-28, 2019 to conduct briefings, a roundtable, and free private consultations with qualified exporters seeking opportunities in these dynamic markets. The mission is to increase US exports to trade-deficit Asian countries where the US is competitive but under-exporting and reduce trade imbalances. Access Asia is designed to leverage the Commercial Service’s unique access to the host country decision-makers (private and public) that can assist U.S. companies in securing contracts. Kentucky suppliers of related products and services with capability to pursue substantial contracts are encouraged to participate. Some participants may be eligible for export development grants to encourage entry into new markets.

If you are interested in participating in this program let us know!


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