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Central Japan Aerospace Industrial Technology Center

2020.06.01 Event: Japan Aerospace 2021 Official website

2020. 06. 01 Event: AEROMART TOULOUSE (1-3.DEC.2020)

The aerospace dream

It has been over 60 years since Japan's aerospace industry was restarted in 1952. Since then, a large amount of research and development has been carried out; the aeronautical field saw the development of the 60-seat YS-11 turboprop passenger plane, the supersonic F-2 fighter, and the development and manufacture of Japan's first regional jet (MRJ).


The space field saw the development of the Pencil Rocket, the M-V, H-IIA, H-IIB, and the H-3 rockets. We will continue to work together to bring people together to help bring about further technical revolutions and development so that Japan's aerospace industry can lead the world to realize the dream of humanity – the aerospace dream.

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