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Central Japan Aerospace Industrial Technology Center


1. Research and study

    ・Conducting research and study in aerospace -related research facilities, etc.

    ・Conducting research in aerospace –related industries and technology, etc.

2. Collecting and providing information/diffusion and enlightenment

    ・Collecting and providing information and material to the aerospace industry

    ・Planning and holding forums, symposiums, and seminars

    ・Matching technological seeds with needs

    ・Regularly providing information, etc.

3. Technological assistance

    ・Dispatching technology/management advisers

    ・Providing assistance to projects for advancing strategic infrastructure(supporting industry projects),etc.

4. Human resource development

    ・Holding human resource development lectures, etc.

5. Cooperation and exchange with related organizations.both domestic and overseas

    ・Holding exhibitions,etc., and exhibiting products at exhibitions

    ・Offering assistance in opening marketing channels

    ・Supporting aerospace -related projects

    ・Cooperation and exchange with domestic and overseas aerospace-related organizations,etc.

6. Forming clusters and providing assistance in amalgamating the aerospace industry  with other industries

    ・Assisting aerospace industry forums,etc.

7. Nonlife insurance agency services

    ・providing nonlife insurance services such as PL(product liability)insurance in the aerospace industry

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