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Central Japan Aerospace Industrial Technology Center

Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message


Central Japan Aerospace Industrial Technology Center
Chairman: Akihisa Mizuno

Since the establishment of our center as a voluntary association in 1989, under industry-
academia-government collaboration, we have been exerting our efforts for development of
the aerospace industry in the Central Japan Region over 30 years.

Coupled with the long-inherited skills and the updated technologies, and also geographical
factors, and human and social infrastructures duly straightened and improved, Central
Japan Region has been the center of manufacturing, where several manufacturing
industries are centered, such as automobile, aerospace and machine tools.

In particular, the aerospace industry is expected to grow continuously in the mid-long term.
High level of reliability in making aerospace products, technologies to realize lightweight
and high added values, and stringent quality assurance, have given a good ripple effect
technically on other industries. Furthermore, the prospective of mobility will vitalize not only
the industries in this Central Japan Region, but also the whole industries of our country.

However, due to coronavirus pandemic now hitting the world unprecedentedly, the
movement between countries and regions have been restricted and the aeronautical
industry and related manufacturing industry have been seriously affected. While the
situation is severe now, we have seen strong recovery of the demand for air transport
sector from the crisis in the past several cases, thereby we expect that the demand will get
back on the growth path in the end.

With the coronavirus being confined and re-opening of social and economical activities, it is
expected in the post-coronavirus world, strengthening of supply chain activities,
digitalization of economy and creation of innovation will be accelerated immediately.

At this center, we will try our efforts to ease the implications of coronavirus over the small-
medium sized suppliers who are facing with the reduced order, and also take up post-
coronavirus actions to enhance the structure of small-medium sized suppliers, and also
innovation activity, such as development of new technology and new lines of business,
under the aerospace innovation project with a sense of speed.

We will work hard to contribute to the development of aerospace industry in the Central
Japan Region, by putting together all the capabilities available to overcome the current
difficulties. Your support and cooperation will be highly appreciated.


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