Chubu Aerospace Industrial Technology Center

Chairman's Message

This center was established in September 1993 as an incorporated organization through industry-academia-government collaboration in the Central Japan Region. Since then,

we have been promoting various businesses and projects in the Aerospace field. The current name, “Chubu Aerospace Industrial Technology Center,” was adopted in April 2013 with an emphasis on “Industry” aiming to contribute to further developing the Aerospace Industry.


The Central Japan Region is the leading center for Japan’s manufacturing through its state-of-the-art technology. There are a wide variety of manufacturing industries concentrated in this region including Automobile, Aerospace, Electronics, Machine Tool and Fine Ceramics.

This extensive variety is one of the characteristics of manufacturing in the Central Japan Region covering all types of manufacturing ranging from the development and production of materials such as carbon fiber and composite, and various parts to the assembly of finished products. Another important characteristic is its DNA of excellent quality and safety control that has long been nurtured and still in the process of evolving.

Above all, the Aerospace Industry has a long-standing history. Since aircraft parts were made with wood in the early days, the production of airplanes began in the Central Japan Region that was a distribution center for quality wood and home to skilled craftsmen for precision work. Then, major airframe makers as well as many component and material suppliers gathered here amid a trend of factory expansion and production increase.

This resulted in a continuous technological accumulation in the region as Japan’s largest manufacturing hub.


The Aerospace Industry exerts a high level of technological spillover effects on other industries and opens up great opportunities and possibilities for the future.

It is expected to grow into another world renowned industry after the Automobile Industry

by further utilizing accumulated technology and the tradition and experience of manufacturing that have long been fostered in this region.

We, therefore, are determined to contribute to the promotion of the Central Japan Region through various aerospace businesses and projects including human resource development with a view to further advancing the Aerospace Industry and invigorating local industries.


We would appreciate your continuous support and cooperation in this journey.

​Chubu Aerospace Industrial Technology Center Chairman

Tetsuro TOYODA        


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